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BEST Engineering Meeting

“BEST Engineering Meeting” is a new version of the “Meetings with an employer” project. The goal is unchanged – to give students the opportunity to develop their future careers. Students coming to the workshops have the opportunity to get to know the companies and their expectations towards potential employees.

The event is based on a series of workshops, lectures and training that take place during the academic year. At the meetings the students can improve their knowledge of specific issues, which can be useful in their future careers. It is also a unique opportunity to meet with representatives of the companies, talk to them and get to know the requirements and preferences of employers of engineers from different disciplines.

Each meeting is conducted by a different company so that every student has the opportunity to reach out to a potential employer, have a direct conversation with the representative of the company and even take part in the recruitment process for a vacancy or internship.

Who organizes the BEST Engineering Meeting?

The team is composed of young creative and ambitious students from the best technical university in Poland. Members of Board of European Students of Technology want to continuously gain new experiences and broaden their horizons.

Krzysztof Koziara
Coordinator of BEST Engineering Meeting

Contact us

Are you interested in and have some questions? Just contact us! We are students and we can not always be on call, so we recommend to contact us by e-mail.

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